January 11, 2006

Mano Updates Progress on its Kpo Diamonds Joint Venture with Trans Hex in Liberia

* A 0.4-carat gem quality diamond recovered from pipe K007

* K002 kimberlite size now known to extend over 4 hectares in area

* Drilling of diamondiferous pipes to commence in early 2006

Mano River Resources Inc. (“Mano”) is pleased to announce that kimberlite pipe K007 is established as being diamondiferous. K007 was discovered in mid-2005, within the Kpo Mineral Development Agreement licence area (Kpo MDA) in western Liberia. The Kpo MDA, covering 200km2, is being explored in joint venture with Trans Hex Group (‘THG’), where expenditure of $2million over three years will earn THG a 50% equity interest in the MDA. Thereafter, Mano can maintain its contributing interest at 50% or offer Trans Hex the opportunity to increase its equity to 69% by sole funding feasibility studies and mine construction.

Approximately 600kg of very decomposed K007 kimberlite obtained by pitting were washed and jigged on site and the concentrate picked in Mano’s recently established diamond laboratory in Monrovia. A single, +3mm gem quality diamond weighing 0.4-carats was recovered from the sample. Although the sample is considered small and unrepresentative, it is encouraging that such a diamond was recovered from the kimberlite and further work is therefore considered justified.

Detailed loam sampling has been completed over a number of high priority geophysical and indicator mineral anomalies, some of which are not associated with known kimberlites. These samples are being processed in the Monrovia laboratory. In addition, pitting of some high interest gravity anomalies has resulted in the size estimate of pipe K002 being larger than the previously mapped 4-hectares. Pitting is ongoing and a more accurate size estimate should be established in the near future.

A 3,000m drilling campaign is planned to commence during the first quarter of 2006. This drilling will focus on pipes K001, K002, K003 and K007, where the objective will be to delineate them at depth and to collect approximately three to five tons of kimberlite from each diamondiferous pipe for diamond recovery.

Mano’s President and CEO, Dr Tom Elder, comments: “Trans Hex-funded exploration and evaluation of the kimberlite cluster within the Kpo MDA is advancing at a rapid pace. Yet another kimberlite (K007) has proven to be diamond-bearing and the objective now is to delineate and test these pipes at depth to establish their economic potential.”

About Trans Hex Group
Trans Hex (www.transhex.co.za) has established a global reputation as a niche producer of large, gem-quality diamonds, with annual production exceeding 200,000 carats. Their exploration, mining and marketing activities are principally focused in Southern Africa, through concessions on the Orange River in South Africa, several permits in Angola, as well as offshore the coasts of South Africa and Namibia. The kimberlite Joint Venture with Mano in Liberia indicates the eagerness within Trans Hex to further expand its operations in Africa.

About Mano River Resources
Mano is a well-funded exploration company focused on the discovery of diamond, gold and iron ore deposits in the Archaean terrain of the highly prospective, under-explored, West African Mano River Union countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. Mano considers that the region has the potential to further develop into a world-class diamond and gold mining province. The Company presently has some 25,000km2 under mineral licence, promising gold prospects in all three countries, certainly one and possibly a second cluster of diamondiferous pipes and joint ventures in place with BHP-Billiton, Golden Star Resources, Navasota, Petra Diamonds and Trans Hex Group.

On behalf of the Board of Mano River Resources Inc.
Tom Elder
President and CEO

For further information on Mano River Resources and its exploration programme, you are invited to visit the Company’s website at www.manoriver.com or contact one of the following:

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President and CEO UK
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Controller Canada
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