D Rowan Carr

Chief Operating Officer

Rowan graduated with a Masters in Mineral Exploration from Imperial College London and has 30 years of diamond industry experience throughout Africa. He spent 21 years working for De Beers Group in senior management positions heading up exploration efforts in Botswana, South Africa, Angola, DR Congo, Guinea and the Central African Republic. Rowan joined Stellar in 2007 and has been at the forefront of project exploration and development on the ground.


Philip Knowles

Chief Financial Officer

Philip joined Stellar in June 2011 as Financial Controller. He is a qualified accountant having gained membership to the ACCA in 2004 and holds a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance from Exeter University. Philip has over 10 years of accountancy experience working for a wide range of businesses while in practice and most recently was Group Financial Controller for Firestone Diamonds plc and for Kopane Diamonds plc, prior to Firestone’s takeover of Kopane, and brings with him strong experience of working for growing diamond mining companies. Philip is based in our London office but travels regularly to the company’s assets in Guinea and Sierra Leone.


Graham C. Radburnd

Project Manager, Tongo, Sierra Leone.

Graham’s early career was focused in the civil construction sector in Africa and the Middle East. He also brings 13 years of diamond industry experience in both production and management roles in Angola, DR Congo, Russia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Graham has been managing a number of Stellar’s mining and development projects since joining the Company in 2008.


Alkaly Yansane

Country Representative, Guinea

Alkaly Yansane is a Guinean national with a USA university degree in geology. He was the Director of the CPDM in Conakry for a number of years, responsible for many aspects of the mineral sector. Yansane has also worked for 16 years in the private sector of the exploration and mining industry with Rio Tinto, West African Diamonds and now Stellar Diamonds, where he holds the position of Company representative in Conakry.


Abdoulaye Diallo

Senior Geologist, Droujba Project

Abdoulaye is a Guinean national with a degree in mining geology from the University of Boke. After an early career in construction he joined Mano River Resources as project geologist exploring for gold and diamonds in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Abdoulaye continued this work with Stellar Diamonds from 2007 and is currently responsible for the drilling project at Droujba.


Kassim Mansaray

Senior Geologist for Sierra Leone

Kassim is a qualified geologist with a Masters from Moscow, Russia. Kassim has over 30 years of industrial experience, having started work in the Geological Survey of Sierra Leone and working on a number of project evaluations in the country. He brings a vast wealth of multi-commodity experience having worked in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Gabon and the Central African Republic, having spent the past 15 years with the Mano
River-Stellar Diamonds group of companies.


Suliman Swaray

Project Geologist , Tongo Project

Suliman is a Sierra Leone national with a degree in Geology from Fourah Bay University in Freetown. After two years in the National Statistics Office he joined Stellar in 2004 and was project geologist in a regional diamond exploration joint venture with BHP Billiton. This led to the discovery and development of the Tongo kimberlites where Sulaiman is now project geologist for the resource estimation programme.


Fodé Camara

Mandala Project Manager

Fodé is a Guinean national with a degree in geology from the University of Conakry. He has 16 years diamond industry experience, 12 of which was with De Beers in senior positions in Guinea, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Gabon and DR Congo. Fodé joined Stellar in 2008 and is currently project manager at the Mandala mine.